Nuclear Roof Moisture Surveys

About Nuclear Roof Moisture Surveys

Today’s building owners are saving hundreds of millions of dollars every year with nondestructive roof moisture testing. Our nuclear moisture inspections can substantially reduce your repair and replacement costs for ballasted and multiple-construction roofs by:

  • Targeting problem areas for effective repair
  • Identifying sound roof sections for conservation
  • Creating money-saving replacement options
  • Improving specifications for more competitive bidding
  • Providing independent, objective information about the real condition of your roof system to help you make sound decisions and sift through conflicting opinions and advice.

How it Works

Using a principle called neutron moderation, scientists discovered that tiny amounts of radiation can be used to detect hydrogen ions, which in a roof system typically indicate water. Neutrons emitted from an isotopic source collide easily with the highly exposed neutrons of hydrogen, and these collisions slow their travel. By detecting changes in the speed of the emitted neutrons, we can safely identify moisture damage deep within the roof.

Nuclear gauge measures speed of neutrons to detect water to accurately analyze the data from this extremely sensitive nuclear detection technology, we must account for the original hydrogen content of the roofing materials. By utilizing small amounts of invasive testing, hydrogen readings are established for dry materials. After dry material baselines are established, elevated hydrogen counts indicate moisture damage in the roof system.

A nuclear roof moisture survey is typically conducted on a 10’ x 10’ grid pattern across the entire roof surface. On ballasted roofs, the gravel will be temporarily moved aside in order to place the nuclear gauge directly on the roof surface. Readings are taken at each grid intersection to build a hydrogen inventory of the roof system.

Next, we tabulate and analyze the collected data using statistical and visualization software. Using these diagnostic tools, we convert the raw data produced by the nuclear gauge into an AutoCAD® map of moisture penetration inside the roof system.

  • Nuclear moisture detection is the only accurate method for testing ballasted roofs and the underlying sections of multiple-construction roof systems.
  • Nuclear surveys provide excellent information at low cost, and substantially improve your roofing options.
  • Roofing decisions often involve tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Professional nuclear moisture detection gives you the information you need to base your roofing decisions on accurate, scientific information rather than assumptions and opinions.

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