Low Voltage Scanning Platform & Vertical Roller

IntegriScan™ Membrane Testing – 100% Coverage!

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) integrity testing for ALL roofing and waterproofing membranes

Have complete peace of mind knowing the entire membrane is watertight. Low voltage testing ensures 100% of the membrane is free of breaches, holes, open seams or capillary defects.

Combining the scanning platform (RMIS) with the companion vertical roller (VSU) provides fast and accurate testing on all horizontal and vertical surfaces, flashings, transitions and details.

Low voltage testing is also the only method available for testing black EPDM and other semiconductive membranes.

Repairs can be made immediately, ensuring minimal impact on the construction schedule. Breach-Free Certifications are issued after repairs have been re-tested.

Low voltage testing is the only test technique that meets both ASTM Standard Guide D7877 and Standard Practice D8231.