Building Envelope Analysis

Building Enclosure Analysis

  • Locates, Prioritizes and Documents Heat Loss Problems
  • Pinpoints Missing, Damaged & Wet Insulation, Vapor Barrier Breaches
  • Locates Causes of Frozen Pipes, Ice Dams, Mold Infestation
  • Reveals Cost-Effective Options for Green Retrofits & LEED® Credits*
  • Pinpoints Cold Air Infiltration, Moisture Buildup, and more
  • Helps Reduce Heating Costs, Boost Energy Efficiency & Comfort

Are your occupants complaining about drafts, cold spots, ice dams, frozen pipes, or excessive heating and cooling costs?

Your building could be affected by one or more of these common problems:

Stack Effect: Even small gaps in the building’s upper structural components or cladding can allow significant amounts of heated air to escape (exfiltration). As warm air exits the upper parts of the building, cold outside air is sucked in at lower levels to replace it (infiltration). Occupants may complain of drafts, cold spots and other discomforts. The escaping warm, moist air condenses when it contacts colder surfaces in the building enclosure, creating moisture build-up inside walls and building materials.

Insulation Problems: Moisture rapidly reduces the insulating power (R-value) of wall and roof insulation, causing large year-round energy losses that can be accurately detected with infrared thermography. Our building enclosure analyses also verify the proper installation of insulating materials. If your building has wet, missing, misplaced, or compressed insulation, our certified thermographers will pinpoint and document the problems so you can plan the most cost-effective repairs.

Infrared building enclosure analysis is the only proven, nondestructive and complete method for troubleshooting building heat loss and moisture problems. Building owners use enclosure testing to save millions of dollars every year by reducing energy costs, minimizing structural damage, and enhancing occupant comfort and health. An Infra-red Analyzers heat loss survey can help you:

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Locate causes of frozen pipes and ice dams
  • Prioritize and document heat loss problems
  • Increase energy efficiency and boost profits
  • Pinpoint missing, damaged or wet insulation
  • Increase energy efficiency and boost profits
  • Detect conditions likely to support growth of mold and mildew
  • Determine best options for energy-saving renovation and retrofits
  • Identify cost-effective strategies for achieving LEED credits

Heat losses from buildings are accelerated by structural problems, poor construction practices, missing or inadequate insulation, moisture infiltration and air leakage. Escaping heat creates a thermal signature that can be detected with infrared thermography. Building enclosure analysis pinpoints underlying problems in the physical plant. From this data we produce a comprehensive report to provide the building owner with detailed information about the locations, causes and extent of problems in the building enclosure.

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