ELD Fusion®

Now you can get virtually 100% testing on your work with ELD Fusion®, our unique combination of High and Low Voltage Electronic Leak Detection methodologies. ELD Fusion combines traditional Low Voltage Vector Mapping (wet testing) on large horizontal areas with High Voltage ELD (dry testing) on vertical surfaces, transitions, and other areas not tested with the low voltage technique. ELD Fusion gives you 100% coverage – and 100% peace of mind that your membrane will be leak free.

Traditional Low Voltage Vector Mapping is an accurate and reliable technique for integrity testing on large, wide open areas. But standard low voltage methodology does not typically test many of the areas that require the most careful and conscientious work – parapets and curbs, flashings, and trans-itions from horizontal to vertical surfaces. With our two-prong approach – testing all of these areas with High Voltage Leak Detection and then overlapping them with Low Voltage Vector Mapping – you get complete coverage.

Now, for the same or even reduced cost, you can get the many benefits of ELD Fusion and rest assured that the entire membrane has been thoroughly tested and any problems have been pinpointed and isolated for repair. It’s time to take the next step in Electronic Leak Detection. Get a truly comprehensive evaluation of your membrane with ELD Fusion, performed by our experienced and Certified ELD Technicians. With ELD Fusion, we’ve got you covered – completely!

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