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Committed to Client Satisfaction
We are committed to the highest standards of
professional testing and customer service. Here are a few
of the testimonials we've received from our many satisfied clients:

“..Your customer service is fantastic..”

“First and foremost, it is a pleasure doing business with a company that does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it. Your customer service is fantastic. Your business was referred to me from an architectual firm we work with. The report was well prepared and clear. In the event one of my school colleages is doing a facility roofing project, I will certainly pass along your contact info to them. Thank you for your professionalism.”

M.N., Superintendent of Building and Grounds, New York

“..I will definitely recommend your company...the report was phenomenal.”

“Thank you for your thorough services. I have already specified your company for another project upcoming in Philadelphia, and I will continue to specify ELD for waterproofing projects, and I will definitely recommend your company. Our supervisor on site only had good things to say and the report was phenomenal.”

P.B., Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania

“..the most accurate leak detection test for a roof on the market..”

“Peter and his staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable which helped to convince the General Contractor that this was the most accurate leak detection test for a roof on the market. IR Analyzers conducted the testing in a prompt, thorough and accurate manner. It was a real pleasure to have worked with Peter and his staff and I highly recommend them when it comes to electronic vector mapping.”

C.L., Owner, Green Roof Design and Installation firm, California

“..Your staff was a pleasure to work with..”

“I would like to thank you again for your services here at Brookhaven National Labs. As a result of your Infra-Red survey of our newly constructed building, we were able to prove to the contractor what we had suspected all throughout construction – substandard installation. The contractor is currently making the necessary repairs to their work, without any litigation or arbitration – all due to the report supplied by your company and staff. At a relatively minor fee, our client has saved many hundreds of thousands of dollars in future repairs. Your staff was a pleasure to work with and I will certainly recommend Infra-Red Analyzers on future projects when required.”

F.M., Owner, Director of Construction Management Services, New York

“..Your firm has been very responsive to our needs..”

“I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the professionalism of your firm. From the first time I called in, the focus on client service was evident. Your firm has been very responsive to our needs throughout the project. I look forward to future opportunities to work with your firm.”

K.M., Principal, Architectural and Building Engineering consultancy, Illinois

“..the services...were superb..”

“The thermographic services provided by Infra-red Analyzers' staff were superb. Our thermographer was very informative and detailed in his identification of electrical deficiencies. We were able to complete our electrical survey in one day and the report submitted was very professional and easy to interpret.”

R.B., Facility Engineer, Massachusetts

“ was perfect..”

“The report was perfect. We will call you the next time we need a scan.”

M.M., Roofing Contractor, Massachusetts

“..I'm extremely happy with the work you did for us..”

“I'm extremely happy with the work you did for us. The technician walked the roof with me and showed me each of the wet areas. We had them repaired and have had no leaks since. We will definitely use you again if anything comes up!”

T.W., President, Property Management firm, Massachusetts

“..I recommend you all the time..”

“Everything went perfect, I recommend you all the time, so I keep your card hung up on my wall!”

R.C., Roofing Contractor, New York

“...I appreciate your cooperation and outstanding service...”

“Thank you, Michelle. I appreciate your cooperation and outstanding service this week. You're to be commended. Please forward this email to your supervisor and have a great weekend.”

J.M., Senior Project Manager, Rhode Island

“..scan [showed] that the leak is coming from the HVAC unit, not from the roof..”

“The scan went well and was helpful by showing that the leak is coming from the HVAC unit, not from the roof.”

P.R., Roofing Contractor, Massachusetts

“..our roofing contractor...was amazed at the accuracy of the scan..”

“Thank you for helping us out with our re-roofing project. I’ve talked with our roofing contractor and he said that he was amazed at the accuracy of the scan. The difference between wet and dry insulation was always within a few inches of the lines that were painted on the roof. He also said that the project would have been much more expensive if he had removed the entire roof system instead of the few relatively small areas that were pinpointed with the Infra-red Survey.

“Surveying our roof with Infra-red Analyzers was a great move. It’s amazing how much money can be saved using this type of service. Conservatively, we saved over $311,000 on our roofing project.”

E.B., CEO, Vermont

“..your prices are very reasonable..”

“You guys are wonderful, everything you do for us is wonderful, and your prices are very reasonable.”

P.D., Roofing Contractor, New York

“..This is exactly the type of thing we were looking for..”

“I was so pleased with the testing you provided. He was a very professional individual and was very thorough and exacting in his approach to the testing. This is exactly the type of thing we were looking for. Things went very smoothly and we look forward to working with your company in the future.”

R.B., Facility Engineer, Massachusetts

“..we will call you again..”

“The scan went very well, we will call you again when we need another.”

C.R., Roofing Contractor, Vermont

“..your company is great..”

“I always like to use you guys. I like your staff, think your company is great, and I'll never go anywhere else. I refer people to you folks all the time.”

L.R., Roofing Contractor, Rhode Island

“..The IR scan was helpful in demonstrating the extent of moisture saturation..”

“Everything went very well and I have another job that I'd like you folks to scan, too. The IR scan was helpful in demonstrating the extent of moisture saturation...”

B.S., Roofing Contractor, New York

“..scan...was very helpful in locating the problem areas in the roof..”

“The scan went very well and was very helpful in locating the problem areas in the roof.”

R.B., Roofing Contractor, New York

“..the information...that Infra-red Analyzers provided was extremely valuable..”

“The information on the existing roof system that Infra-Red Analyzers provided was extremely valuable to our company. We closed on the property last week. The broker representing the seller lauded our forensic due diligence in advance of the closing and stated that we had left no stone unturned; which was literal given the stone ballast on the roof! Please extend thanks to the technician and your team for the quick turn around of the report. Thanks for your valuable contribution to the project! We look forward to opportunities with Infra-Red Analyzers in the future.”

W.R., Project Manager, Massachusetts

“..extremely helpful..” 

“Infrared Analyzers was extremely helpful in our pursuit for LEED Certification. They helped us identify opportunities to enhance the thermal integrity of our building and provided us with ideas to remedy the issues identified. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

E.T., Engineering/Sustainability Specialist, Washington, DC

“..A+ for your service!..”

“Pictures say a thousand words....from an engineering standpoint it is easier to show management the understand what needs to be done...A+ for your service!”

M.S., Engineer, Connecticut

“ much as $200,000 total loss...of revenue was avoided..”

“I have just received my Infra-red Thermographic Inspection results, and by using the data enclosed, I was able to take immediate action to repair a serious problem that would have gone unnoticed until a total failure of an extremely high energy circuit occurred. This type of failure has happened in the past and I know personally the extent of damage that can result.

“Based on past experience, in my opinion, this type of failure could have cost our company as much as $200,000 total loss. However, because of the excellent job done by your Certified Thermographer...all this damage and loss of revenue was avoided.”

D.P., Chief Electrician, Massachusetts

“..a great value..”

“Great service, the clients loved it! The scan did wonders to clarify where the problems areas were. Very good write up - definitely more than we expected for the dollars spent - a great value. We will definitely use you again.”

J.R., Building Contractor, Massachusetts

“..past inspections conducted by other thermograph technicians did not compare with the service and quality provided by Infra-red Analyzers..”

“I would like to thank...Infra-red Analyzers, Inc. for providing us with the highest level of quality service, and for their outstanding follow up on the documentation report. [The thermographer] was very knowledgeable and completed a thorough inspection in a timely manner. The past inspections conducted by other thermograph technicians did not compare with the service and quality provided by Infra-red Analyzers. They are very committed to customer satisfaction and I look forward to working with them on future inspections.”

M.P., Maintenance Supervisor, Massachusetts

“..You found equipment that was...costing us money that we didn’t know about..”

“You found equipment that was failing, things that had been costing us money that we didn’t know about. Thanks to the infrared scan, we were able to get it fixed before the equipment failed completely. The thermographer also found a problem with the Mass. Electric Transformer that they are now getting fixed.”

P.D., Facility Manager, Massachusetts

“..The report is straightforward and concise..”

“The service has a very low impact on the operation of our business. The report is straightforward and concise, so we can go right out and fix the issues. I’d be interested in learning about the other services you offer for our facility.”

C.C., Electrician, New York

“..Two issues were found in critical areas that could have been a life or death situation..”

“Thanks to your service, we are able to plan repairs on equipment that we didn’t even know had problems. We can plan shutdowns when it’s convenient for us instead of equipment shutting down unexpectedly. Two issues were found in critical areas that could have been a life or death situation if they had shutdown without provisions ready.”

D.C., Facility Engineer, Massachusetts

“..A home run all around! We are thoroughly satisfied..”

“..the thermographer was very professional, the report looks great and it was prepared quickly. A home run all around!!! We are thoroughly satisfied and look forward to our next project together.”

J.D., Field Manager, Connecticut

“..we can generate a maintenance order from [your documentation] to get the work done..”

“The documentation is detailed; we can generate a maintenance order from it to get the work done. The priority coding lets us determine what needs to get repaired immediately, versus problems that can be scheduled to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve debated getting our own camera but we like having a third party responsible for generating the report. If we did it ourselves, other priorities might get in the way of completing the report.”

M.H., Facility Manager, Massachusetts

“..We’re very happy with the service..”

“We’ve been using your services for years. Each year there is a reduction in the number and severity of issues. We’re very happy with the service.”

C.G., Maintenance Supervisor, Massachusetts

“ can't beat the convenience and financial benefits. Everyone should do this on an annual basis..”

“In my trade, especially with the new OSHA regs and the hazards of electrical equipment, the opportunity to scan live, energized, systems..finding the hot spots--you can't beat the benefit financially, and the convenience. Everyone should be doing this on an annual basis. The report is easy and clear. You guys provide an awesome, awesome service.”

R.T., Electrician, Connecticut

“..excellent job..”

“thank you for your quick response and excellent job doing heat loss studies for us last winter....We were impressed by the ability of your infrared reveal areas with both insulation and infiltration problems. Your follow up reports were also very thorough and helpful to address specific areas, as well as a general tool to convince responsible parties to quickly act with corrective work.”

T.H., Construction Manager, Vermont

“..we would totally recommend your services..”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for such a professional job....The technician that scanned our project was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the final assessment report was an invaluable tool to remedy the existing insulation problems that came with the building. We would totally recommend your services to anyone and please have them call us for a reference at any time.”

B.C., Construction Manager, Vermont

“..can't say enough good about the thoroughness and professionalism of your thermographer..”

“Just a note to let you know that the scan....was a very pleasant and enlightening experience. I can't say enough good about the thoroughness and professionalism of your thermographer....Even though we found deficits of insulation in some of the walls, and that was disappointing, the overall experience was a positive one due to the way he related to me as a client and homeowner. He took the time to explain every step, answer every question, and showed respect for me and for our home. Please thank him for us again when you see him or talk to him.”

R.M. and D.M., homeowners, Massachusetts

“..Rest assured, we will call you again!..”

“The report helped us to make the decision to put on a new roof, it was very helpful. Rest assured, we will call you again!”

A.B., Roofing Consultant, Connecticut

“..We were very impressed with the report..”

“The scan went very well. We were very impressed with the report. We will call again.”

B.B., Roofing Contractor, Connecticut

“..Everything went great..”

“Everything went great. We will always call you for roof scanning.”

J.V., Roofing Contractor, Connecticut

“..I recommend you to colleagues..”

“Your thermographer was very helpful. The scan sees hot points we wouldn’t know about until they blew. It allows us to plan a scheduled outage for repairs. I recommend you to colleagues.”

W.L., Maintenance Manager, Vermont

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